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Moving to Tumblr

In an effort to streamline efforts, I’ve decided to continue my blog on Tumblr. You can now find me here:


Roger Ebert

roger-ebert-500To say that I was sad to hear about Roger Ebert’s passing yesterday would be an understatement.

I wish I had met Ebert or gotten the chance to hear him speak, but bad timing prevented that. Every other year, he would conduct a shot-by-shot analysis of a film at the Virginia Film Festival in Charlottesville. However, the year I started volunteering for the festival (one of the years he was scheduled to come), Ebert learned that another film festival was giving him an award, so he had to postpone until next year. That next year, he was diagnosed with cancer and was never able to come back to the Virginia Film Festival.

Roger Ebert is a hero, not only because of his intelligent, accessible writing (his zero-star reviews are especially creative) and his deep, passionate cinephilia, but because he was doing what he loved up until the very end. And that’s a not a bad life to have led.


One of My Favorite Critics, Robin Wood, Has Died

I’m depressed….


Becoming Mrs. Big

carrie1Why did Carrie have to get married at the end of the “Sex and the City” movie? The audience understandably has rooted for her for over ten years, especially in her pursuit of Mr. Big. Doesn’t she deserve therefore to end up with Prince Charming?

If Big is the prince, then is Carrie really Cinderella? The movie indicates that she is: the blue heel Big slips on her foot, the fairy tale cartoon Carrie helps Charlotte’s daughter color. As little girls, we are in awe of princesses. Look no further that the Disney princess trend now so prevalent. Is Carrie just an older (and wiser?) manifestation, version, and/or continuation of Cinderella for older (and wiser?) women?

At first, I interpreted the marriage at the movie’s end as nothing but a Hollywood-ized compromise. Would Carrie actually do that, even if it was Big and even if there was no big white wedding? Is she merely a Charlotte in Christian Lacroix clothing? However, if Carrie’s story is truly our version of a fairy tale, it follows that a marriage must be the final act. And yet, that image as the moment of satisfied closure leaves a bad taste in my mouth.





Your Cinematic Survival Kit

In an emergency, you may need to call upon these items in moments of duress, stress, confusion, and/or bliss – in short, for your very own survival:

  •      1. Films, complete with classical Hollywood, foreign, independent, and contemporary options to suit every possible situation; not necessary to keep said films clean, dry, or free of impurities

   2. Screen icons, known and unknown, acclaimed and underappreciated alike; possibly flammable, but never able to be fully contained



    3. These and other guilty pleasures – because your batteries will undoubtedly need to be recharged every once in awhile